Creative Solutions

Hi! My name is Gareth and I love finding creative solutions for all sorts of products and services. I work on lots of different kinds of projects ranging from corporate identity, event management and design to web and print graphics. I have had the good fortune to work in a wide range of sectors; medical, education, manufacturing, leisure and retail and for a fantastic variety of clients; shoes, medical equipment, brazing manufacturers, restaurants, transport and organic products to name a few. I have an ability to adapt myself to your needs and help you develop creative solutions to increase your business or attract people to your event.

About Me

I love design!

I have been creating solutions for all kinds of projects since finishing my studies in Furniture Design in 1993. My career has taken me on a wild journey to different countries giving me a fantastic variety of experiences. I have worked for big global companies, start ups and established family businesses. I want to bring this experience to you and create something valuable!


Experienced designer

I produce graphics for whatever the project demands: packaging, wall graphics, stand design, brochures, catalogues, clothing, badges, stationery, livery, web, display and much more! You can see a range of selected work in my portfolio:


Breaking the language barrier

I produce translations and copy text in English and Italian. I have worked on several publications for Technical Manuals, Catalogues and Guides.

Event Management

I can get it sorted!

I have organised events in Germany, France, Spain, America and the UK for various companies. From the stand design and layout to marketing material I can take the stress away leaving you to concentrate on your customers.


My personal creations

Most of today's graphics are produced by computer, which means endless hours sitting down, pushing buttons and clicking the mouse leaving a gap in my creative process: the touch and feel of using materials, my ability to draw and express my ideas without the confines of client requirements. I have produced several pieces and had a few exhibitions here in Italy. See my work and read more about where my inspiration comes from.